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Lost with no answers

This fall has been pretty good for us Detroiters. The auto industry has been rebounding.  The Tigers and Verlander dominated the AL Central and knocked the Yankees out of the playoffs.  Brady Hoke has helped us all forget about the pain of the University of Michigan’s Rich Rod era.  And of course, the Lions, just a couple of years removed from the 0-16 trainwreck, hadn’t started out a season this well for around a half century.  Heck, even Eminem made a Bruno Mars song semi-tolerable.

 Well all that good news was how I entered the weekend.  It is now Sunday night and I am exiting the weekend.

 Michigan started my day off on the wrong foot. Denard Robinson, as exciting as he can be against teams with mediocre or bad defenses, was rendered useless as  Michigan State beat Michigan for the 4th consecutive time, 28-14.  Ouch.

 The Tigers were booted from the play-offs by Texas Saturday night in the most humiliating of ways, falling 15-5, which included a 9 run 3rd inning. I was out running errands, getting text updates.  Detroit up by one.  Then they were leading two to nothing.  I got home and turned on the TV just as the bottom of the 3rd was starting.  Ouch.  I think maybe I should have just stayed out and about and followed the game via SMS technology.

 Today I had a bad feeling. I had a similar experience last year with the Wolverines, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals and U of A Wildcats all dropping games in the same weekend.  But last year they all sucked.  This year was different. Besides, the Cardinals and Wildcats both had byes, so despite being crappy they couldn’t lose and bring my good teams down with bad mojo. 

I just couldn’t shake that pit I had in my stomach as I watched the Lions start out well.  Yup, they ended up playing horrible special teams and defense in the final half of the 4th quarter. Then a horrible four and out when they needed a season defining 2 minute drill to lose to the 49’ers.  Ouch.

 It was a not a good weekend to be from Detroit


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