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A morning at the Women’s Half Marathon

November 6, 2011

Woke up early this morning not to run, but to support Carolyn who was running in the Women’s Running Magazine’s Women’s Half Marathon.  This is a race that strongly encourages those sporting a Y chromosome to stay home for this one. This was going to be a good test for Carolyn as we prepare for the Y friendly PF Changs Marathon in January. I know I am not in peak shape after taking a year off, but Carolyn has been running well. Today was the day to see if all of the training runs would pay off.  Her goal was 1:45.

It was a pretty chilly morning by Phoenix standards, 45 degrees when we woke up. But that meant it would be around 50 at race time, perfect temps for running well. We got to Old Town Scottsdale for the beginning of the race. Carolyn stayed bundled up until the last-minute. the race started and off she went making her way south to Tempe where she was to finish at the park just in front of the US Airways building. 

As she took off running, I hoped in the truck and found points along the course to cheer her on for about two seconds at a clip.  I saw her just shy of the 4 mile mark and she was looking good.  The 1;45 pacer was a little ahead but it was early and there was plenty of time to catch up. 

I then saw her at seven and a half and she looked awesome as she passed me ahead of the pacer.  I wasn’t going to see her again until mile 13 so I was nervous. I knew she was looking good and really hoped she would be able to hold the pace.  She didn’t just hold it, but got stronger. 

She finished at 1:41:58 finishing 98th overall (3,503 total ran) and was 20th in her age group. While it wasn’t a PR, that was her 1:39:07 she ran in the Fiesta Bowl 1/2 Marathon in 2006.  Regardless, it was a damn good race and she looks well on her way to qualifying for Boston again.


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One thought on “A morning at the Women’s Half Marathon

  1. Flyinzombie on said:

    BTW I woke up yesterday. I thought you were running LAS.

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