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Cold in Pittsburgh

November 18, 2011

Carolyn and I are in Pittsburgh for her parents 50th anniversary.  This is all fine and dandy except we are also training for the upcoming PF Changs Rock and Roll Marathon in January.  What does this mean?  It means that we have to run while on vacation.  OK, so what, we all run on vacation.  

Well it is 29 degrees here in Pittsburgh and for us whimpy desert dwellers this is freezing.  Well come to think about it, 29 is technically freezing anywhere provided we are talking Fahrenheit. The other drawback to Pittsburgh, at least out in Fox Chapel, is there isn’t a flat surface to be found.  So off to the track we went.  

I am not used to dressing in layers, but layers it was this morning.  I wore my running tights right up to run time when I shed them and ran in shorts, short sleeve, long sleeve, gloves and a hat. the first two laps were cold, but soon i finally “warmed” up. Two-thirds of the loop were tolerable, but two exposed corners we blistery from the wind.  Fortunately it was just a 4 mile run today, but tomorrow is a ten miler.  Hmmmmm, I will have the choice when I wake up of hills or mundane track for and hour and a half. 


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2 thoughts on “Cold in Pittsburgh

  1. 29 cold? Your idea of cold has certainly changed from your days in Lake Orion.

    You can always come out to Philly Sunday morning for the Marathon. I will be running the half.

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