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Welcome to Knoxville Eric Rutin

November 30, 2011

The final day of November has faded away and I, Eric Rutin, am in Knoxville prepping for my new gig with Pyxl.  I started working at Pyxl, a digital services company, this past Monday and as a result I am sitting in a hotel of I-40.  Pyxl is an awesome company and I am very excited to get going and finding new clients in need of new web sites or mobile campaigns.  Good stuff!  I also have a shiny new MacBook!  Yea! Eric Rutin is now 100% Apple with my new laptop coupled with my iPhone and iPod.  Go iCloud.

As a result once again I am forced to run in cold cold cold temperatures. I know Scotty scoffs at my complaints about cold, but damn it, i am an Arizonan and these temps chill me to my bones. Well this morning I got ready to go for my run.  Running tights, long sleeve shirt, jacket, gloves and a hat.  Bundled up and ready to roll. I stepped out into the 37 degree morning ready to face the brutal elements. Oddly it wasn’t as cold as I was expecting so I turned around and headed back to my room and shed the jacket.

I started my new iPhone GPS app, Runmeter, and left the Country Inn Suites to make my way over to the main strip in Turkey Creek.  I quickly found out as I began making my way down the underpass on Campbell Station that Tennessee feels very strongly that the shoulder of the road should be taken literally and be at most the shoulder width of a petite 12 year olds shoulder width.  I suppose the narrowness of the road wouldn’t have been so bad probably if it wasn’t also rush hour.

As I made my way down the dangerous gauntlet I realized two things.  First, At some point over the last couple of years the drawstring on my running tights found an alternative home.  Secondly, my new GPS app not only served runners, but cyclists as well as I kept hearing “ride faster” over my headphones. I reached the sidewalk .53 miles away.  When I finally felt I was going to survive, I stopped and tucked the band of my tights into the shorts band I was wearing under the tights and adjusted the GPS to running from cycling.

I ran just over 5 miles of rolling hills and had a great run.  I had the pleasant discovery that Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover is an awesome song to run to.  I obviously survived running back under the underpass on my equally frightening return.

I am now sitting in bed trying to muster up the courage to venture back down Campbell Station yet again.  Tomorrow will be a tad nice because I don’t have to be in the office until 10 so I can run a couple of hours later and hopefully several degrees warmer.  I am counting on a warmer day so I don’t have to look ridiculous running with my pants essentially tucked purposefully into my underwear.  Ahh life’s small victories.


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