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Eric Rutin says goodbye to an old friend

December 14, 2011

I have officially retired my old adidas Supernova Classics and am giving Asics-2160’s a try.  As you all know, I was not happy when adidas decided to retire my old faithful ‘Nova Classics.  The shoe had treated me well for almost 10 years. No changes in toe boxes, no changes in sole composition, no changes at all. Well they did change the color each “model” but fortunately that didn’t impact performance to fit.  I considered getting the replacement adidas Adapt and giving them a try, but I decided this was a divine sign that it was time to go radical and try something new.  I have to admit the investigating and research was equal parts fun and annoying.  I would much rather prefer my Classics, but now I had the opportunity to get a cool looking modern show. Of course my cheapness came out and I settled for the Asics-2160 rather than the new 2170’s since they were on sale for twenty bucks cheaper.

I have had the new shoes now for about a month.  It hasn’t been a totally smooth transition, but it hasn’t been too bad either.  The shoe has more stability I think than the adidas had.  As a result, for about two weeks while I was adjusting the inside of each hill was callousing up.  The shoe seems a little clunkier but nothing that is too bad.

These are going to be my marathon shoes so I had better like them.  I would like to say it was some major technical aspect that made me chose them, but it came down to I think the colors were pretty bitchin.  I think they look like fast shoes and I have to say, my training runs have sped up since I started wearing them.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the fact the weather has essentially been ideal for running despite all my recent complaining.  Also I had to pick it up so Carolyn would stop reminding me how slow I was running.

Am I going to be a faithful Asics advocate?  Only time will tell, but for now I am happy.


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7 thoughts on “Eric Rutin says goodbye to an old friend

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  2. I no longer am happy! They won’t stay tied and the inside is wearing out on the ankles. Never had that before.

  3. I have honestly tell you that running is going to bring a level of satisfaction to your life that very few other things are actually going to be able to do for you, it is something that is going to help me become that much more focused on the present.

  4. Chris on said:

    Hey Eric,

    I found your blog while searching for someone with a stock pile of supernova Classics, or, short of that a replacement shoe. Have you found a good substitute?

    Let me know! Chris cdinneen@hotmail dot com


    • Chris, I used to have my own stockpile but have had to resort to trying to find a replacement. Sadly I haven’t yet. I do know i is NOT Asics 2060’s though.

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