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2012, Eric Rutin, the Apocolypse?

January 2, 2012

Well according to the MayansEric Rutin Resolution, Eric Rutin has just over 11 and a half months to go before the world destructs. That is a lot of pressure to make sure my new year resolutions this year are extra good.  In the past I have avowed to drink more wine, not eat red meat, eat red meat when served and I am sure countless others than never saw February.

So this year I had to make sure I ended civilization with a doozie.   I  thought about several themes in my quest to make sure I had resolutions that were up to the challenge.  One idea was to create life buckets and have resolutions for each category.  Maybe three for home, another three for work, of course we need to have health on there and let us not forget family.  But that seemed like a lot to keep track of and, well, I didn’t want this year’s to be another set that didn’t make it.

Well here it is, simple but hopefully worthy:  My final resolution is to try and be a positive impact on those around me. Yes I know it is vague and hard to quantify.  I was also worried it seemed a little pretentious. I suppose if I just kept my mouth closed and didn’t share it with the entire world’s population by posting it in my blog I wouldn’t have had t worry about that.  But I did, so here I am.

I prefer to think that by posting it instead of being a grandiose gesture, I hope it will instead be viewed as the opportunity to be held accountable.

So there it is.  I hope when December 20th ( I am guessing as the apocalypse falls upon us on December 21 we will have other things on our minds than my resolution) rolls around and we are all looking back in reflection that there will be a general consensus that yup, I actually did have a positive impact on all that I intereacted with, whether it be small or large or somewhere inbetween.

Oh yea, I also want to train well for my spring marathon.




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