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Eric Rutin gets lazy and fat

March 7, 2012

Eric Rutin is a couch potatoI just ran 26.2 miles less than two months ago and now 6 weeks later you would think I never ran a 5K. In fact, running a charity 5K last weekend one of the volunteers thought just that.  I was about 200 yards from the finish line when my shoe came untied (more on that in a second) and I stopped to tie it.  Now if I was pushing it and trying to PR or at least post a competitive time to beat Jeff, I never would have stopped. Hell I would have run with one shoe without breaking stride.  But this race wasn’t such an occasion, so I stopped and tied it, not worrying about the handful of lost seconds. That was when one of the helpful volunteers politely encouraged me by by shouting, “don’t quit now, you can finish!”.

Come on, this was a frickin 5K and I am an 8 time marathon finisher, not to mention scores of 3.1 milers.   I wanted to shout back at him.  I was torn between feeling extremely insulted and the need to explain the situation. Instead I quickly tied my shoe and gave a little nod and sprinted to the finish.

The sad thing I was actually tired. I wouldn’t admit it to anyone and barely could admit it to myself.  But the reality is I am running once or twice a week and not in very good shape.  How does one fall out of shape so quickly? I ran 6 miles with Jeff last weekend and was struggling to finish.  Oh yea, I can blame it on the 5 the day before!

Eric Rutin ice creamI am not a fanatic about my weight or my diet, but when I am running well I tend to weigh around 170.  I was at 172 for the PF Changs in January and for a rounder like me, that was close enough.  Now I am pushing 180 again and slow.  I am not sure if not having a marathon on the calendar until November (Philly for those of you that care) is contributing to my lack of motivation, but if I look back I lacked serious motivation while I trained for PF Changs.

All I really know is I just polished off a large turkey burger for dinner.  It was large enough that I made the comment to Carolyn before we dined that I am pretty sure my portion sizes are contributing to our nation’s obesity epidemic. And if that isn’t enough, I am finishing this post so I can go have a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream with ample chocolate sauce.

Oh yea, back to the shoelace.  I am constantly reminded of my bitterness towards adidas for discontinuing my Supernova Classics as my current Asics 2160’s simply can not stay tied.  I refuse to double knot them since I never had to with my adidas for the 10 years I ran with them.  Damn you adidas.  Damn you.


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