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Run Rutin Run

March 18, 2012

Eric Rutin in Jupiter

On the pier in Jupiter, Fl. Not much more east I can go!

Last week I went on vacation with the family to Florida.  My buddy Jeff went to Aspen.  I flew, he drove but we both did one same thing  – we both brought our running shoes. It seems for runners that packing our running gear on vacations and business trips takes as much thought as  packing our 3 ounce tubes of toothpaste. As much as I am blessed with having great local routes that I enjoy running and seem never to get bored of such as the ten mile loop around Mummy Mountain, along Tempe Town Lake Bridal Path, it is fun to explore new routes.

Sometimes they are interesting or pretty and sometimes they are just interesting like when I ran recently in Knoxville and the shoulder is literally a shoulder wide.  Unfortunately the civil engineers chose the width of a twelve year old girl’s shoulder. Then there was the trip to Pittsburgh last November when I ran in 29 degrees.  That is colder than my freezer though you in the North probably aren’t so impressed.  Some runs are at sea level like along the boardwalk in San Diego. While our annual summer jaunt to Pinetop in the White Mountains of Arizona leaves me gasping for breath as I run in the mountauns over a mile high.

Jeff is a pilot and is constantly running in exotic destinations like Oakland, Baltimore and Kansas City.  These were excellent training locales for miles 21-23 for the recent PF Chang’s Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon.  But he packs the Asics even on the family trips.

Eric Rutin buddy

Jeff pretending he is Forrest

The two of us did a little mini Forrest Gump relay.  While Jeff was running through Monument Valley ,I was on the East Coast running along the Atlantic in Jupiter.  Yea I know Forrest stayed farther north in his route (check out his actual route mapped out here) but the Atlantic is the Atlantic in my opinion.  Jeff was true to form however, and ran in Monument Valley at the actual site of Forrest’s final steps of his 3 year 2 month 14 day and 16 hour journey.

Unlike so many other sports, running is easy to do on the road.  Skiing and golf you are dependent on the weather and  you need to check bulky baggage.  Scuba you need an ocean and there are plenty of sharks out to eat you.  Bicycling makes the golf and skiing luggage constraints seem small. Many of us travel to races in other cities, but it is hard to really see the city when you and 10,000 of your closest friends are pushing for a PR.

So what about you?  Do you run when you travel?  Any fun stories?


Eric Rutin 10/17/1967

The official site of the end of Forrest Gump's running cross country adventure.


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3 thoughts on “Run Rutin Run

  1. Scott on said:

    I always run on vacation. Sometimes I even bring more running gear on trips than other stuff. Especially more pairs of running shoes.

  2. Flyinzombie on said:

    In November, I ran to the Pacific Ocean. Then the next day I ran to the Atlantic Ocean. And the I ran to the Pacific Ocean aagain. SAN-FLL-LAX!

  3. I got PR for my 5k while in Orlando for business last year and later this week I’m heading to Philly for work and have plans to run to the Rocky steps. [o:

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