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Do you take shortcuts?

May 19, 2012

One of the great things about running and what I think draws so many of us into running is that you get out of it exactly what you are willing to put into it.  As my friend Ned says, a marathon is a 20 mile run then a 6.2 mile examination of your training.  In that final 10K you can’t hide half-assed training.  that skipped  20 miler because a hangover or deciding to sleep in and miss a weekday run, will probably reveal itself as a bad case of judgement when the legs go dead with a couple of miles to go.

But running with Carolyn (the few times she slows it down) has shown me a whole new level of avoiding shortcuts.  Every time we hit a corner I have to make sure I am on the inside as I practice for races by cutting each corner as short as possible, adhering to the shortest distance between Point A and Point B principle.  Carolyn however stretches every turn to its maximum distance and if we are not properly aligned we crash.

While I think she is being a little rigid, I can’t really argue with her too much since her training methods got her into Boston…again.  While my training has me gotten me into wishing I could qualify for Boston.

Do I think these few extra steps are the difference between qualifying for Boston and not?  Nope.  But I do think it shows the commitment for doing everything to be your best, even if it is running an extra .05 miles.  Running is a personal sport where you can’t blame your teammates on a bad day or use them to hide your weaknesses.  It is up to you and you alone to put yourself in the best possible position to preform at your peak on race day.

And sometimes that means being willing to do something as seemingly insignificant as a mere .05 miles.


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