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ARR Summer Series #2

June 10, 2012

Arizona Roadracers #2

ARR Summer Series #2

This morning was the second race of Arizona Roadracers Summer Series.  The Summer Series are five 5K’s spread out throughout the Valley.  Well the Fourth of July race is actually 4 miles, but that is neither here nor there. Here in Phoenix we don’t have many  racers as it tends to get a little hot here in the summer, so the Summer Series is really for the most part the only game in town.

It was a cool 78 degrees at 6:30 AM when the horn blared to squeeze the 1000 runners through the 5 yard wide starting chute while I was sitting out in the parking lot securing my timing chip to my shoe, nowhere near the starting area.  #2 is what I would consider the trail run of the bunch as we head out on a dirt path that progressively gets dustier and dustier.  By the time I got going it was as if a haboobhad rolled in but fortunately it was surprisingly not very crowded despite the cramped starting line.  Sure I had to weave my way past the walkers and slower runners, but I was able to make my way through with plenty of room.  For the first time in a while, I actually felt like I was racing again.  Not PR-threatening racing, but passing folks at least racing.

Chip 718

The course, other than being dusty, heads out through the desert with an endless supply of dips, curves and holes that are either domiciles for prairie dogs, snakes or both.  Every step was a catastrophe waiting to happen that somehow never happened. The legs were there today and as the race progressed I felt better and better with my pace peaking in the final mile rather than collapsing.

I finished at 23:53, a several minutes north of my PR, but that wasn’t the point.  I ran to the best of my current conditioning.  The next race isn’t until the July 4th race but I feel I am going to be even stronger then.   I have been taking it easy for the past year and as I prepare to start my training for the Philadelphia Marathon I am ready to commit to not just running, but to train and work hard.

Lets see how I feel when I am waking up at 3 AM for the 20 milers that are coming up.


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