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Finally win something

September 30, 2012

Eric Rutin wins Asics
I have now run 5 Road Runner Sports Adventure Runs.  These runs are not so much about time, (though it helps to be speedy) but about strategy to hit as many check points as possible.  At each checkpoint you receive raffle tickets, the amount typically depends on how far from the RRS store you are or what they have you do at the checkpoint.
At the conclusion, when scanning the crowds it seems like we have always had more tickets than most, yet when we it came time to win, it was shut-out, shut-out, shut-out and shut-out.  In the August race, Lisa had told us she had enough losing and we were going to employ her secret engineer-inspired strategy that was sure to get us to the most check points and a thus increasing our chances for finally winning.  Her engineer plan resulted in us getting as many tickets as my previously BFA based plans had previously earned us.

Our last race seemed different.  We hit the first stop before anyone else (a first!).  It was at a bar in Tempe Marketplace and instead of the usual just hand out the tickets, we had to get on the bar-top and twirl around a pool.  Fortunately it wasn’t pole dancing, no one would have wanted to see that.

8 tickets.

Danny’s Car Wash was the next stop just across the parking lot.  In a blink of an eye, we had hit two checkpoints.

2 tickets

Then off we went to the next stop and ran into a mass of runners that we joined.  Good thing too since our map had the location being a street off.  This time we went to a gym and Carolyn had to do 10 dead-lifts while I had to do a minute of seated rows.

6 tickets

Then darkness fell upon us and we hooked up with a group that sounded rather strategic  so we followed them.  The next stop was just a car parked off the street on some random street. Here they had do 10 push-ups.

6 tickets

Then the strategic group began debating where they were off to next and we just followed like lemmings. The next stop was another gym, but this time they had us do 15 jumping jacks.

4 tickets

Now we were looking at the clock since we were pretty much at the farthest point from the store.  Looking at the map we figured we had time for two more stops.  Next up was Yogurtini.  Nothing special there, just passing out tickets. Plus a cup glass of cold water.

2 tickets

On our way to the Zombie Run stop for our final stop.  It was supposed to be on the corner of Rural and Rio Salado as it was the previous race.  We arrived and no stop to be found.  Hmm.  We blew up the Google map as big as we could.  Yup, it was the corner but there were no zombies to be found anywhere.  We decided to run down Rio Salado and just see.  Sure enough, hidden at Packard and Rio Salado where those damn pesky zombies.  Just like zombies, not trustworthy at all.

2 tickets

After the final stop it was time to get back to the store as quickly as possible.  We turned in our tickets and sat down with great optimism.  Prize after prize was being given out and we just remained seated prizeless.  Our tickets were frustratingly close, one was even one damn digit off.eric rutin new shoes

Then it happened.  They called 009143.  Finally.  And not only did we win, but we won the big prize:  free Asics!  All of my recent rants against Asics disapated the moment they handed me the certificate for the free shoes.  $180 to spend on Asics.



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