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10 things I am not thankful for this Thanksgiving

November 21, 2012

Most of us spend this long weekend thinking about all the things we are thankful about.  But Eric Rutin isn’t everyone.  I am usually a little askew in my thinking on such things.  I am thankful I have an awesome family.  Better than I could ever hoped for.  For that I am truly blessed.  But for the sake of this post, I am going to focus on all that I am NOT thankful for this November.

Eric Rutin DOB 10/17/196710. No Red Wings  Seriously?  What the hell? It isn’t as if the NHL is the NFL and can do whatever they want and fans will just take it.  This is hockey.  The greatest sport in my opinion, but still a game that 98% of the population could live without ever missing.  And to make it extra crappy, there is no Winter Classic for the Wings at the Big House.  I have had to deal with Lidstrom retiring, I shouldn’t have to deal with a lock-out as well.

9. Having to watch both the Cowboys and Jets on Thanksgiving.  I mean one is more than enough, but why does the NFL have to spread my agony over 6 hours? Have them play each other while I am eating then give me the Steelers in prime time.

8. People that say “I could care less”.  The proper phrase is “I couldn’t care less”.  If you could care less then it actually means whatever you are trying to diminish is actually somewhat important.  I hate it even more when reporters or other people that are trying to be credible say it.

7. The fiscal cliff It is depressing to know that party politics are more important than the good of the country even when it literally means people will be devastated just as we are climbing out of a huge hole.  We aren’t out of it yet, but we see the light and unless someone will compromise, we are just going to u-turn.

6. The Tigers’ offense during the World Series.  Or should I say the absence of their powerful bats.  The Tigers played like pussy cats and it wasn’t just bad but downright embarrassing.  All I can say is there is always next year and Martinez and Torii Hunter will be added to the line-up. We will surely score more than six runs on our way to win the 2013 World Series.

5. Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj Why do I have to hear them on EVERY channel? I tolerate Taylor Swift and One Direction out of love for my teenage daughter. But there is just so much horrible music I can handle.

4. Red Dawn remake. Stick with the classics.  The Wolverines were just fine without needing to be moved to Portland and fight North Koreans.  Why even try and remake a movie with Outsiders alumni Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Charlie Sheen and even the king Sosh, Darren Dalton?  What is next, 16 Candles? Ferris Bueller?

3. Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.  They shouldn’t be on this list as I lok forward to this game all year, but why does the NFL always reward the Lions with one of the best teams in the league for their Turkey Day tradition?  The 9-1 Texans?  Please give us Kansas City next year!

2. Adidas SuperNova Classics.  Why Adidas?  Why?  Why discontinue the best shoe out there that I wore faithfully for 10 years?

1. Green Bean Casserole.  Gross.  Enough said.

Eric Rutin hates green bean casserole


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2 thoughts on “10 things I am not thankful for this Thanksgiving

  1. Very much miss the Red Wings.
    So does that mean you are cheering for the Patriots against the Jets?!
    With Martinez and Hunter coming in, does that mean Delmon Young is on the outs? Not that I have a great love for him, but he does seem to be the only guy they have who can hit in the playoffs.
    Red Dawn remake – Stupid.
    Yes, the Lions get screwed with the schedule on Thanksgiving. What, they get the Packers about every other year and then the NFL throws in the Texans, or the Patriots? And it makes it worse that the Cowboys always seem to get some crappy team.
    And, as usual, you have your food choices correct. I wouldn’t put Green Bean Casserole at the top of the list, but GROSS.

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