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It does rain in Phoenix

January 26, 2013

IMG_1268Yea it gets hot, really hot, in Phoenix in the summer.  And sure it gets a little chilly during the winter months early in the morning.

But we usually can’t say it is wet too often.  It started raining sometime last night and hasn’t stopped yet.  Because we don’t get a lot of rain here, about 8 inches a year, our civic engineers really didn’t worry too much about drainage when laying out our streets. That means when it sprinkles we flood, so when we have 12 plus hours of constant rain you can imagine for yourself what the intersections look like.

One of the advantages of not really training for anything is I am not running very far.  That means when I headed out the door I only had to endure about a half our of being drenched.  And drenched I got.  Carolyn, on the other hand, because of her bad luck in qualifying for Boston had to do a nice sixteen miles around a fog-cloaked Mummy Mountain in the rain.

Running down the streets, I felt as if I was on an obstacle course as I certainly wasn’t doing the old point A to point B straight line thing, avoiding what some may consider puddles, but I viewed them more as brooks or perhaps lagoons.  There was some hopping, skipping, a little triple jump action and some general sloshing. I tried running down the middle of the street where the road was crowned but traffic wasn’t too supportive of my endeavor.  When I tried the shoulder or sidewalk the cars rewarded me with a nice rooster tail of spray.

During the run I ran in to a gaggle of walkers with bibs wrapped in plastic or covered with umbrellas.  A couple had the unfortunate pleasure of no protection from the rain.  Turns out there was the Urban Challenge, a city wide scavenger hunt taking place today.  I chatted with them for a little bit and they had good spirits.  I gladly suggested the best route to their next checkpoint.  I really hope I was right.

Needless to say It was a fun change and there is something wonderful about running in the rain. Oddly the run just feels more pure, kinda like when you run at sunrise or isolated trail run.  I am not sure I would feel the same way if I lived in Portland, but here in Phoenix it was great.  My shoes are stuffed with paper towels in hope they dry out by tomorrow and I had a general sogginess feeling that a shower was no cure, but for the occasional run, it couldn’t have been better weather.


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