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Eric Rutin seen running?

September 19, 2013

Eric Rutin MissingIt was reported this morning that Eric Rutin was seen running on the Bridal Path.  Could it be?  Could the man that once lead a nation through example to run on hot days, rainy days, cold days and pretty much any day that ended in a Y but has not been seen in a dozen fortnights really have been seen running up Central Avenue?  His disappearance from running had many wondering if Eric Rutin was this generations J.D. Salinger. Or at least John Parr.  Who?  You know, you just won’t admit it.

Well it is true. I finally hit the path and ran a walloping two miles.  The past five months has been odd for me.  It started with the bombing at Boston.  It really messed with my head.  Other than the obvious paranoia that goes with experiencing an actual terrorist attack, it really affected my motivation to run.  I was annoyed that I allowed those horrible brothers to zap my desire to run, but they did.  I kept vowing to start again: on the 30 day anniversary, then 60, and 90….

I did get out and run a couple of times, even made it a full week once.   However the few times my mind was willing,  my body was not quite as cooperative.  In the past five months I have had a calf injury, ankle mishap, and an Achilles issue.  In the 13 previous years I was sidelined once when I cracked my ribs.Eric Rutin runnning feet

Well I miss running.  I miss running long distances.  I miss running for a couple of hours.  I miss running with my friends.  So this morning I dropped Emma off at her badminton tournament and parked at the big church and set off on my modest run of two miles.  It was interesting timing as I departed at the same time as what appeared to be a gay running club started.  Despite my labored snail pace, I managed to stay ahead of them as I think it was more of a social running group.  I finished in a time that was 20 seconds faster than my 5K PR, but I finished.  I am out of shape but I know that can change.  The key is my desire to run has returned.

And tomorrow I will run again.


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