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What is with the crazy name of my blog?

You may ask yourself, why Running with Rage?  What exactly is it that makes Eric Rutin so angry that he doesn’t just feel the need to run angry, but to write about it as well?

Well I am here to assure you the name actually quite friendly, born during an early morning training run with several co-workers and friends.  We realized that when we were waking up at 3:30 in the morning to beat the heat of the Phoenix summer, we all tended to be a little grouchy.  As a result, conversations tended to focus on complaining about our relationships, work, life, the weather and of course having to wake up at such an ungodly hour.  Of course, as the sun would begin to rise, so inevitably would our moods.  Soon we began calling our motley crew, Running with Rage.

Other than one incident at the 2005 Detroit Marathon with Jeff shouting down a poor girl at the finish line, the name is more ironic than an actual representation of our attitudes.

So why a blog?  Well when I run, I tend to think of a lot of great things that I just feel the need to share.  Sometimes it is about running, sometimes it’s life, sometimes family and sometimes it is just plain random introspections.  But I always feel the need to share. In the past, as I cooled down from my run, these wonderful gifts to mankind would drift away with all their potential unrealized.  Now they will be recorded

Also as runners we tend to like talking about running.  Usually way too much, especially to those that don’t run.  Start talking about your latest marathon at a cocktail party and you are sure to clear out the room. I think you would be considered more engaging if you proposed talking about religion in politics!

Hopefully, I will entertain more than bore.

I run therefore I am.


6 thoughts on “What is with the crazy name of my blog?

  1. Eric Rutin on said:

    Ok let me retry this. I accidentally hit submit beforehand.

    Hey man! You are the first ‘other’ Eric Rutin I’ve found that blogs too! Looks like an awesome blog and how can I turn down reading a blog about another Eric Rutin.

    I’d be crazy to not read it. Keep blogging dude!

    The other Eric Rutin

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  5. Hey there my friend. I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. I didn’t realize until I looked into it that you had so many followers on your blog. But regardless I wanted to honor you. I love your blog and hope that even more people continue to follow your journey. Hey, maybe someday I’ll even start to run. Nah…who are we kidding.…liebster-award/

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