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50 Bibs in 50 States

Eric Rutin DOB 10/17/1967

My total collection of bibs

On May 6th 2012 I, Eric Rutin, announced I would begin a quest of epic proportions – running a race in every state in the Union.  Not just marathons, but any race, any format, essentially anything with a bib.  I have given this adventure the clever moniker of 50 Bibs in 50 States.

My selection process for deciding what race to participate in doesn’t really have any special considerations.  It may be for a sentimental reason, maybe for the potential of a PR, it could be because the race has a cool format or theme, hell it might even be as dramatic as I need to run a race in some state and I happen to be traveling there , but regardless of the selection criteria each state by the conclusion of this odyssey I will have a bib from every state.

And yes, I am implying I am of the same spirit as my favorite literary character, Odysseus.


8 thoughts on “50 Bibs in 50 States

  1. Travis Lewis on said:

    Sweet, when you come to Alaska, check out the following races.
    1. Mayors Marathon – Anchorage
    2. Midnight Sun Run – Fairbanks (run at 10pm under the midnight sun and is Alaska’s version of bay to brakers. Get ready for a week long solstice party)
    3. Big Wild Life Runs – Anchorage (Featured in RW. Fast and flat-ish)
    4. Equinox Marathon & Ultra – Fairbanks. (2nd only to Pikes Peak in Dificulty)

  2. great job and good luck ! are there any 50 state clubs for 5k and 10k ? got 23 states and 5 countries , if there are any would ya let me know.

    • Kenneth, I had looked all around and was only able to find marathon. That is why I started my own for just running any race in each state. I have Massachusetts coming up next month. Keep me posted on yours. What has been your favorite race?

  3. las vegas 5k is may 11th

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