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My Pet Peeves

May 2, 2014

eric rutin's pet peevesEveryone has them.  You have them.  Your neighbor has them, your significant other does. You parents, your kids.  Even Eric Rutin does. Oh wait, that is me.  People that talk about themselves in 3rd person is one of mine, but that isn’t a top 10.  Below are Eric Rutin’s, errrr I mean, my top ten pet peeves.

10. Saying you will do something then having to be reminded –  Some might call this nagging, but if you say you will do something, then do it.  Or just say you won’t.  My issue isn’t whether someone does something, or not, it is creating the false expectation.

9. Mushrooms –  They are fungus.  Or fungi. Whatever the proper name, mushrooms are gross and should not be eaten.

8. People that do something wrong, then get mad at you – I can’t count how many times while running someone does an illegal turn and then gets mad because I am running through the intersection.   This has also happened while driving when someone tries turning left in front of me and when they get stuck, they flip me off.

7. Dallas Cowboys, Notre Dame and Ohio State fans – Do I really have to go into an explanation? They are even more annoying than the team.  The Cowboys and Fighting Irish are extra annoying because a vast majority of their fans have no reason to like them.

6. Business websites that aren’t mobile optimized – Yes I work in marketing, but it isn’t a professional peeve, it is personal.  When I am trying to find a business when I am lost and I can’t navigate their website it drives me to their competitor.  I can only pinch and pull so much.

5. Antiques – Come on, usually it is just old crap.  If you like that stuff, come by my next yard sale.

4. Air hand dryers – It is soooooooo annoying to hit that button and rub your hands together with basically no results.  Even the crazy high powered one leaves me wiping my hands on my pants.

3. Idiots – I lump most political people or worse people that think they are political because they watch Fox News.  These people have no idea what the principles of our country are and usually place their misinformed ideology higher than the good of the country or humanity.  For example, is universal health care really a bad idea?  Now you can debate the best way to implement it, but to fight against it is simply ludicrous.

2. Urinals across from the door in bathrooms –  It seems like I have public bathroom issues, but still, what are they thinking when the urinal is placed right where the entire establishment can see you peeing anytime someone opens the door?  Yes this is silly, but it is annoying and that is what a pet peeve is all about.

1. I could care less  – It is I could NOT care less.  I especially hate it when people in the media slaughter this.  They are paid to be communicators. They should get it right.  There are a bunch of other ones such as people that say supposably, but I won’t list them all.  One other I do need to call some attention to is from my professional life.  Media is a collection of communication channels, mediums is a collection of people that communicate with the dead.   Get it right, especially if you work in marketing.

Well there you have it. I probably sound like a grumpy old guy that will tell you the country is falling apart and that it was better growing up in the 80s.  Well it was!


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