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14 Best Movies for Valentines Day

February 12, 2014

Eric Rutin's Most Romantic MoviesOK, you have two days to get your gifts and plan your evening for Valentine’s Day.  In my generous and benevolent mood, I am providing a list of the best romantic movies you can hit Netflix, Redbox, OnDemand, or whatever means you use these days to rent your movies to enjoy with your loved one on Valentine’s Day.  Some may say this is biased, but I assure you it is based on extensive research and this ranking is purely objective and undebatable.

14. Crossing Delancy  – This is a little known movie from the 80s that takes the classic boy gets girl out of his league story and makes it purely enjoyable and fresh.  Peter Riegert’s best work outside of Animal House.

13. Love Actually – This of course is one of the best movies regardless of the qualifications. In fact I was trying to justify it as an action movie to my son the other day.  The only reason it is lucky 13 and not higher is because, in the spirit of objectivity, it doesn’t focuses on Valentine’s Day but rather the Christmas holiday.  But it is a collection of compelling love stories which makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day.  And is there a more romantic gesture than Mark standing outside with signs professing his love to Juliet?  Oh yea there is – Jamie asking Aurelia to marry him in the restaurant in broken Portuguese.

12. Boxing Helena – Yea a love story, of sorts.  Everyone expresses their love in their own way.  Some give a box of chocolates, some chop off the limbs of the object of their affection and boxes them.  If your Valentine is uncomfortable with the message of this flick, you can always try Fatal Attraction.

11. Better Off Dead – Most would probably pick Say Anything from the John Cusack collection, but Better of Dead depicts teen love even better.  What is tougher, standing in the front yard with a radio over your head or taking on the K-12 for a French exchange student?

10. Magnum P.I. Season 7 Episodes 1-2, 18 – Magnum meets Cynthia and falls in love.  First reason, Magnum P.I. is the best TV show of all time and secondly, Cynthia was played by Dana Daleny who was my PIN in the 80s.   And the saxophone music is too awesome.

9. The Wedding Singer – Awesome mullets, great 80s story line, Adam Sandler is not annoying and Drew Berrymore is adorable.  What else do you need?  Billy Idol?  Well it has that as well.

8. Dirty Dancing – Nobody puts Baby in a corner.  Enough said.

7. Notting Hill – Boy meets mega movie star girl. Boy loses mega movie star girl. Boy gets mega movie star girl in a grand gesture. Plus isn’t the scene at the end of Hugh Grant laying on Julia Roberts’ lap on a park bench reading what we all aspire to have?

6. When Harry Met Sally – A place almost all of us have been when you realize the one person you love is right in front of you.  It was a toss up between this and Some Kind of Wonderful.

5. Edward Scissorhands – Even hands of blades can not stop love.  Makes any excuse we may have for not pursing love seem insignificant.

4. For Love of the Game – Perfect blend of a  love story and a sports story.  Some may choose Bull Durham but not me.  This is a movie that no matter how many times I see it I always get nervous as the innings progress and cross my fingers for Bill Chapel.

3. Last of the Mohicans – “You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you.”  How we have all wished we had said that to a girl at some point in our lives.  And yet that still isn’t as moving as Uncas and Alice Munro in the final scene.  I challenge anyone to find stronger depiction of true love outside of The Princess Bride.

2. Definitely, Maybe – If you need me to explain this to you then I suspect you would prefer #12 on this list.

1. The Princess Bride – First of all, it is the best movie regardless of what list you are talking about.  Period.  Secondly, It is the best movie regardless of what list you are talking about.  Just had to say it again in case you didn’t get it the first time.  Lastly, “as you wish” is the best line in any movie. Period. And there are 100 almost as good lines in the movie as well.

Well there you have it.  Pick one of these or binge on the whole list and your Valentine’s Day is sure to be  success.

Do you think I left anything off?


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